Meet Baby Brooks


On June 20th at 12:48 am, we welcomed Brooks Lee to our family (exactly 3 weeks prior to his due date!). An absolute peanut, weighing only 5lbs 7 oz, what he lacked in size he made up for in hair – a full mohawk to be exact! Reese was a tad concerned as to why this little man was intruding her space and hogging her parents, but thanks to a clan of 15 relatives who came to town to celebrate his arrival, she was showered in endless attention and presents, so she wasn’t TOO upset.


Fast forwarding to today, how ironic – his due date of July 11th, it’s been a wild three weeks. The first week home was a blur – recovering from giving birth I was incredibly tired and slept constantly. That was probably the hardest part of transitioning from one child to two, because not only did we have a new baby, but I was too tired to play with Reese when she was awake. Thankfully my full-time nanny started so I had someone to watch her while I spent time sleeping in between feeds.

As I headed into the second week, I started functioning better on minimal sleep plus recovered more from delivery, so I started feeling more like myself. Unfortunately Brooks was really a night owl this week – up for stretches from 1 am to 5 am and then would sleep all day. I have no idea how my poor husband would function at work! That week though I made a special effort to do an activity alone with Reese for at least one hour a day. Whether it was taking her to the park or a music class, it was important to me to leave the baby home with the nanny, so we could have our mommy – Reesey time. She still wasn’t too happy with her baby Brother, but she wasn’t completely appalled when she saw him.

Now on to the third week, Brooks still wakes up every 2 – 3 hours during the day and night to feed, but at least he has transitioned to spending more of his time awake during the day versus night. Thankfully he also goes back to bed relatively quickly after he eats at night… just some rocking for anywhere from 5 – 30 minutes… a huge improvement to last week. This week I am “back to work” which means having some meetings at home, writing posts, and even hosting guests for dinner. It sounds fast and crazy but since Reese has a long nap mid-day from 12-2:30, and the baby sleeps tons, I have a few hour stretches where it’s quiet and I can get some things done! Not to mention, blogging is a part of me – I can’t imagine going long without it!

So this is where I need to take a second and thank you guys – my family, friends, readers and followers for all of your support!! In an exhausting time, it has been so nice to wake up at 2:00 am and see encouraging comments on my Instagram, or to get home and have awesome packages awaiting with cool baby gear. I am so grateful!!

I look forward to sharing more about Brooks – like his sister’s fashion posts, I am sure he will want to show off his wardrobe as well. Then I need to debut his grey and white nursery nursery, all of the baby essentials I have put to use since birth, and more pics of him with his big sister. I am so excited for all that’s to come and look forward to having you share in the ride!!


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Interview with Campion Platt

Campion Platt 1

Just last month I attended the Hamptons Cottages and Garden “Holiday House” Event at Fendi Casa where interior designer extraordinaire Campion Platt designed three window vignettes. In awe of his impeccable design, I made sure to make my way over to the designer mid-event for a chat and picture. After the event, I had to hear more about his success and work ethic, so I got a little interview time. So here we are, a peep hole inside this incredibly talented designer’s mind as well as some pointers for untrained interior designers!

FH: How do you like to approach a new space or project?

Platt: I always tune my senses to the space. There is inherently an efficient elegant solution to design, think iPhone on a grander scale. I am known for crisp, smart modern design and we pride ourselves on innovative details for every project – see my book aptly named “Made to Order”!

FH: What do you find to be the biggest obstacle to good design? 

Platt: Rushing the creative process. Like a writer or painter, designers need their quiet time to absorb, reflect, be inspired and then dazzle.

FH: When you meet with clients, what is the process like?

Platt: Personal contact is always the best.  We are social humans and nothing takes the place of a 1 on 1 meeting. For interim meetings, I often use software like Teamviewer and Logmein to review plans and presentations remotely with clients. Everyone’s busy, but sharing visuals  – in our niche world – is really the only way to move a design forward and make sure the client fully understands every detail and nuance.

FH: It’s been over 20 years since you founded Campion Platt. How has your firm developed in that time?

Platt: I am still full service design shop and like to do all kinds of projects. My staff turns over every 3-5 years because I make it interesting and a great learning environment. I try to stay small to be able to focus on each project with the same design integrity. I love working with vendors and artisans to be part of the beauty of their designs and knowledge. The magic of the visual partnership always reveals itself in the final product or piece of furniture.

FH: Why is this an exciting time for architecture and interior design?

Platt: The money is flowing and technology tools for our trade get better and better. Watch out for a true 3D design and purchasing world. Check out, a company I am involved with for the latest and greatest.

FH: Any advice for amateur designers {like myself!}

Platt: Travel as much as possible to absorb all the designs of the world to make them your own. Knowledge is power, in our business too!

Campion Platt Decor

About Campion Platt:

World-renowned interior designer and architect, Campion Platt, is no stranger to the world of luxury. Whether he is designing a custom residence, a home-away-from home, a boutique hotel or a line of custom furniture or textiles, Platt’s projects are a mix of fine craftsmanship and contemporary styling, with a particular eye on eco-friendly consciousness. His holistic approach to design creates highly personalized spaces; no two projects are the same. The only element that consistently remains the same throughout Platt’s work is a commitment to clean, fresh luxury.

A member of prestigious organizations such as the American Institute of Architects, the New York School of Interior Design Advisory board and the Architectural League of New York. Platt has received numerous accolades for his work such as distinguished rankings on Architectural Digest’s “AD 100” list of the world’s top interior designers, as well as on New York Magazine’s “The City’s 100 Best Architects and Decorators.” A favorite DESIGNER amongst celebrities such as Al Pacino, Meg Ryan, Roger Waters, Conan O’Brien and socialite Anne Hearst, CAMPION’S eye for extravagance and his affluent clientele have not only established Platt as a leading designer to the elite, but have also made him a notable name amongst society’s movers and shakers.


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Summer Nail Trends

Essie Nail Polish Summer Collection

Hoping to be on-point when it comes to the hottest summer beauty trends? Debuting those toes in a pair of cute summer sandals and a bright pedi is just what the doctor ordered. When it comes to choosing the right shade, I am absolutely swooning over Essie’s newest summer colors – a mix of neons, from peachy pink to bright electric blue. While I have a hard time veering from my conservative color of Ballet Slippers {a pale white-ish pink} on my fingers, I love using my toes for a pop of fun! My favorites… first, Serial Shopper {a peachy pink}, followed by Too Taboo {Purple-ish Pink}, Vices Versa {Nickelodeon-style Slime Green}, I’m addicted {Turquoise Blue}, and Chills & Thrills {Lavender Purple}. I must say whether they look good on my toes or not, they do merchandise back to my apartment quite adorably!

Newest Essie Colors 2014essie summer colors


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