1. Flatiron District Stroll with the Quinny Yezz


    For today’s post I teamed up with the stroller company Quinny to test drive Brooks in their new ultra-lightweight travel stroller, the Quinny Yezz, for a tour of the Flatiron District. We made sure to hit up all of my favorite spots, which was perfect timing because we shot this the week before we left New York for our big move. So what was on the agenda?

    First, a stop at my favorite local coffee shop, Le Pain Quotidien where I grabbed a coffee with steamed soy milk and we shared a chia seed muffin. Because the stroller was so slim I could sit Brooks right alongside me as we enjoyed our breakfast outside.


    Next up, grocery shopping at the coolest indoor Italian Market, Eataly, where we picked up fresh produce, home-made pasta, and my favorite raw Scottish Salmon for dinner. For those of you who haven’t been, it’s one of the hottest new tourist attractions in the city, a marketplace with restaurants and groceries all-in-one. Since it has an open liquor license so you can actually sip wine while shopping {not kidding!} or you can stop for wine and cheese at one of the standing bars!


    Then before heading home for nap time and to prep for the night’s dinner party, we decided to stop for a mid-day treat {a vanilla shake} at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. In the summer time, we love to drink our shakes while throwing pennies in the fountain. The stroller is known for its ease of folding and carrying {it weighs only 11 lbs!}, so I can easily throw it over my shoulder as Brooks stands to admire the water splashing and local dogs.

    Brooks in the Quinny Yezz Brooks-32

    And that’s a wrap! Such a fun day strolling the city and seeing my favorite spots with my munchkin happily kicking the whole way. Looking forward to traveling this summer with our new ultra-lightweight addition!

    Thanks to Quinny for sponsoring this post.

  2. Style your Bouquet 3 Ways with Stem & Bloom


    I recently had the opportunity to try out an amazing new flower subscription service, Stem & Bloom. As you know, having fresh flowers at home is something that is really important to me. Not only does it add a beautiful finishing touch to my decor, but it’s so nice to have a bit of nature in my daily life, especially in the midst of Manhattan!

    Started by my friend Lana and her fiancé Adam, Stem & Bloom’s mission is to offer gorgeous, curated bouquets to New Yorkers at an affordable price. They make it really easy to always have a lovely arrangement of fresh flowers in your home {and prices start at just $35 per week…what a steal!}. All you need to do is sign up, and they will deliver a different assortment of fresh blooms to you each week. For those of you who have full-time jobs and don’t have time to head to the Flower district for something extra special {and know that grocery and bodega flowers can be so boring!} this is the perfect idea! I am trying to convince them to deliver to Nashville, ugh!

    I invited Lana over to show us not just one, but three different ways you can arrange flowers from the same bouquet. I absolutely adore the way that each of these arrangements has such a different look, but can easily be made from the same selection of blooms! Take a look…. I guarantee you’ll want to try one of these out in your own home!

    The bouquet that we were working with included a lush, summery assortment of Peonies in pink and white, silver Brunia, yellow Yarrow, Craspedia and pink Veronica. Silver dollar Eucalyptus added a cool, sculptural backdrop for the vibrant blooms. This is Stem & Bloom’s large bouquet, but keep in mind you can apply all the same techniques to a smaller bouquet!

    Arrangements via Stem & Bloom flowersflowers-7

    We started with a two-vase arrangement, separating out the longer, thinner branches and flowers (the Eucalyptus and Veronica) and placed them in a striking, large vase. To balance that out, we took the fuller Peonies and trimmed to about 8″, then arranged them into a shorter, tight arrangement in a much smaller vase with a wide opening {similar}. Alternating the Peony colors, we then placed the accent flowers (the silver Brunia and Craspedia) amongst them. This arrangement is perfect when you want to create a lot of drama!

    Stem & Bloom flowersflowers-9

    For our second arrangement, we went more traditional. Setting aside the eucalyptus and a few stems of the Veronica we started with a low, deep vase with a wide opening {similar} and cut the rest of our flowers to a short to medium length (8-10″). Placing them one-by-one, we distributed the colors and flower types throughout the arrangement. Because of the wide mouth of the container, it may be easiest to start around the edges, and then fill in toward the center. Once all flowers have been positioned, they will hold each other in place. Keeping the Veronica that is amongst the other flowers a bit taller will add interest. Add the eucalyptus at the end, letting it drape off to the sides of your vase at two or three spots. Keeping it longer on one side and a bit shorter on the other side will add a nice asymmetry to your arrangement. Add a few stems of the longer Veronica off to  one side with the Eucalyptus.


    Our final arrangement is a bit more whimsical. Using several smaller, clear bottles and bud vases, we separated each flower type into it’s own vessel, and arranged the tiny vases into a cluster. For this arrangement, you’ll want a bit of variety in vase size and shape. Place your taller, thinner stems and greens into the taller bottles. Then, grouping your other flowers by type, place anywhere from one to five stems of the same bloom per vase. These can then be arranged into a grouping with the taller vases in the center and smaller ones surrounding (for a coffee table or centerpiece) or look great on an entry console lined up in a neat row. Imagine a long row of these lined up down the center of a long dining table! {These sweet vases included: a circular Bud Vase, a square Bud Vase, an oval Bud Vase, a clear Milk Bottle, and a medicine bottle Bud Vase.}

    flowersStem & Bloom Bouquet .jpg

    Thank you Lana for inspiring us endlessly, and make sure to head to StemandBloom.com to get subscribed!

  3. Pool Party Roundup

    Pool Party Roundup

    Pool party time!! Today I created a roundup of all my pool party essentials whether you are the hostess or guest! Hostesses, you must get your hands on this SunnyLife swan pool float {it is popping up everywhere on social media!!} or how cute is this retro speaker! Guests, bring your hostess a few bottles of sparkling lemonade or this adorable Furbish Studio cutting board! And entertain those tweens with Flash Tattoos {ok, I am guilty of liking them too}!

    Shop the full list below:

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