All Natural Post-Baby Recovery Products

bella b body cream + honest company nipple balmsafe products for new momsAfter having a baby, your body needs a little extra love in the beauty category. Your poor skin has been stretched, you are dead tired, and you spend the majority of your time nursing, so products that hydrate and rejuvenate in a safe and natural way are just what the doctor ordered.

Since a newborn is so fragile and sensitive, I personally have a heightened awareness for what is inside the products I am applying externally, because I spend so much time cuddled up against my babe. So, I found a few key products that meet all of my safety requirements and wanted to share with my fellow mammas. Here is what I am loving as I recover and try and restore my pre-baby body:

1. BELLA B Body Buzz Post Pregnancy Recovery Cream: Free of petroleum, lanolin and parabens (artificial preservatives), Body Buzz is specially formulated to firm skin all over the body and minimize cellulite in an all in one body cream. Sold at Destination Maternity. I lather it on my “stretched” areas like my belly and tush to help firm the skin. 

2. The Honest Company Nipple Balm: Helps relieve irritation and helps heal sensitive sore or chapped nursing nipples; made from a mix of calendula oil, olive oil, shea butter, tamanu and aloe. No need to wipe off before nursing and its unscented. Sold at Destination Maternity. I use it as an preventative measure and have had no pain while nursing. 

3. BASQ Revive Resilient Body Oil: Award winning blend of all natural oils; packed with skin essential omegas and fatty acids for skin strengthening, toning and protection. Built to absorb deeply and quickly for intense moisturization and repair. This select blend includes Hazelnut, Sweet Almond, Wheat Germ, Grapeseed, Rosehip Oils plus Vitamin E, all rich in Essential Fatty Acids to help build collagen and elastin. Paraben and Phthalate Free. Sold at Saks Fifth Avenue. I use it as a replacement to my usual body moisturizer and my skin couldn’t feel softer! 

4. Nine Naturals Vanilla and Geranium Regenerative Pregnancy Belly Butter and Stretch Mark Cream: Crafted from rich, organic emollients like broccoli seed oil, shea butter and cupuaçu butter, each ingredient is packed with restorative omega fatty acids and works deep within your skin’s connective tissue to dramatically improve elasticity, control stretch marks and fight itchiness. 100% Natural. Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, BPA-free, Triclosan-free, DEA-free, Petrochemical-free. No artificial chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrance. Sold at I loved using it at the end of my pregnancy and haven’t stopped. I love that it’s not greasy! 

post baby anti stretch mark products 2

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FHB Style: Baby Boyfriend Jeans


The Boyfriend jean has always been a trend I just can’t pull off. First of all, what are boyfriend jeans? They are slouchy, slightly loose denim pants that appear as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend {or in my case, husband}. To wear them stylishly, you must pair them back to a fitted top to counterbalance the loose fit.

I have never been one to wear tight tops {except for when I am pregnant}, so I was bummed to throw in the towel when it came to the trend, that is until I saw they make boyfriend jeans for babies!! Unlike her mother, little Miss Reese can rock a tight tank over her adorable belly better than most. So I couldn’t be more excited when I found Old Navy railroad striped boyfriend jeans in her size and paired them  back to a fitted tank. I love that she is so comfy in them too!

And as if this look wasn’t trendy enough, I almost died when I found an oversized Military Green Cargo Vest at Old Navy to layer over top. {I actually went with their Canvas Utility Jacket for myself!}. Watch out trendsetters, this munchkin is on the loose!

oh heyOld Navy Cargo VestOld Navy Cargo Vest + Boyfriend Jeans

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How to throw a Wine and Cheese Party

How to throw a great wine and cheese party at homeChecklist for a wine and cheese party - Santa Margherita Wine

When it comes to throwing a fabulous wine and cheese party, the right ingredients make all of the difference. I host these gatherings weekly {especially now that it is easier to have people over due to the babies} so I have come up with a stellar list of essentials. Here are my four recommendations to throwing a successful evening:

1. Great wine. I am a lover of white wine especially in the summer time. My go-to is a mid-range priced bottle {about $25.00} and amazing quality, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. It is fresh, clean and crisp. Aside from pairing well with light pastas, seafood and chicken dishes, it’s incredible paired back to cheese.

2. Good quality {and fancy looking} crackers. I am a huge fan of Carr’s Crackers. They are light in flavor and texture which is exactly what is recommended to be paired back to a Pinot Grigio. {You don’t want a cheese or cracker that overpowers the wine.} Carr’s also has an assorted box, that I featured here, which I love because your guests can pick and choose their cracker depending on what they are craving.

3. Unique Cheese. I love to get fresh exotic well-aged cheeses from the professionals, so I make sure to head to the Cheese stands at the Union Square Farmers Market todo my choosing. For this spread I chose “Shepard’s Basket” a raw sheeps milk cheese, cave aged for 5+ months, similar to a Spain Manchego from an Organic Cheese Vendor.

4. A Personalized Touch. For this occasion I ordered Gold Foil Drink Tags that said “Cheers” and attached them to my wine glasses – Aren’t they so fun?! Picking something special to make each night unique can really make an evening sparkle; see another idea using custom straws in this FH post.

Carr's Entertainment Cracker CollectionSanta Margherita Pinot GrigioGold Foil Gift Tags - Cheers Gift TagsSetting the mood for your wine and cheese partyChecklist for a wine and cheese party - Santa Margherita Wine

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