1. Unique Dip for your Summer Cheese Plate

    Summer Time Cheese Board with Aloutte Dip by Fashionable HostessSummer Time Cheese Board with Aloutte Dip by Fashionable Hostess 3

    I am always looking for new ways to update my fabulous cheese boards. In the past I have gone crazy for salamis and prosciuttos {see here} and other times I have been all about the garnish {see here}, but today I went crazy for a new spreadable and dippable cheese. I have done the hummus and guacs, but spreadable cheese is a delish and creamy new addition which works well on crackers and with veggies. I teamed up with Alouette Cheese to bring this cheese board to life because their large dip packages  – which range from roasted red pepper flavors to basil, zucchini, and parmesan, are the perfect surprise addition to your party.

    Summer Time Cheese Board with Aloutte Dip by Fashionable Hostess 10Summer Time Cheese Board with Aloutte Dip by Fashionable Hostess 4Summer Time Cheese Board with Aloutte Dip by Fashionable Hostess 11

    To create this picture perfect cheese platter, I started by creating a red pepper bowl to hold my Alouette’s Le Bon Roasted Red Pepper Dip. {Make by cutting the top off the pepper, scooping out the inside, and once clean, filling with the dip!}. I took out my Nambé Cheese Block with Knife & Spreader {seriously this was such a great engagement gift I use it endlessly!!} and placed the pepper in the center. I then added a wide assortment of dipping options. Cherry tomatoes, fresh sliced yellow bell peppers, mini carrots, and water crackers. I also added small bowls of cashews and dates because I had just picked up some huge cartons at Costco!

    Summer Time Cheese Board with Aloutte Dip by Fashionable Hostess 9Summer Time Cheese Board with Aloutte Dip by Fashionable Hostess 7Summer Time Cheese Board with Aloutte Dip by Fashionable Hostess 2

    For serving, I recommend choosing small serving plates {or canape plates} like my Green oyster shells as well as cute spreader knives {mine are by Julia Knight}. Then of course cute cocktail napkins – for summer I either use paper or linen! Hope you and your guests enjoy this delicious new appetizer idea!

    Thank you to Alouette Cheese for sponsoring this post.

  2. Styling your Bar Cart For Summer Cocktails

    Gorgeous Styling ideas your Bar Cart for Summer Party by Fashionable HostessHow to Style your Bar Cart for Summer Party by Fashionable HostessIdeas for Styling your Bar Cart for Summer Party by Fashionable Hostess

    When it comes to summer time entertaining, I love to stock up my bar cart with a mix of pretty decorative items and of course, delicious cocktails, for guests to enjoy and admire while we lounge on the patio for Happy Hour. I am in love with my Target barcart {only $129.00} because at such a great price I have no problem taking it outdoors, plus the gold legs are just too fun {I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on it!}.

    Style your Bar Cart for Summer Party by Fashionable Hostess

    Lately I have been trying to be more adventurous and actually whip up cocktails rather than wine although I am not the most skilled mixologist. My new favorite {probably as much for the bottle as the simplicity level} are the pre-mixed cocktails by Cocktail Crate, which I found at World Market. Add vodka, ice, and an edible for garnish, and you have a perfectly pretty set-up. Here I went with the Lavender Bloom Craft Mixer. I also have become a recent convert to Tito’s vodka because it is gluten-free and I cannot tell you how many guests I have that come over with this new gluten-free obsession!!

    Titos Vodka Recipe for Summer Party by Fashionable HostessGorgeous cocktails for your Summer Party by Fashionable Hostess

    Then decor for me is nearly more important than the actual drinks. Here I was totally obsessed with candles so on the bottom shelf of my bar cart I did a mix of Pottery Barn candles in varying heights on one side {they look gorgeous without lighting} and then Simon Pearce candles in glass Revere Hurricane/candle holder on the other.  On the top shelf alongside my cocktails, I placed my new Two’s Company Horn Bar Tool set, and placed my Tito’s Vodka on ice in my Simon Pearce’s Norwich ice bucket. The finishing touch was serving my drinks in fab glasses, my Villeroy & Boch Goblets. Shop the post below for all my bar cart essentials!

    Style your Bar Cart for Summer Party by FashionableHostess.com

    Everything you need on your bar cart:

  3. Host the Perfect Backyard Picnic

    Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess3Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess10Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess5

    Now that we have a backyard there’s nothing my kids love more than spending time out back in the sunshine. Whether it’s playing with bubbles, chasing each other for a game of tag, or our latest favorite, enjoying a lunch picnic, we are always finding ways to spend the afternoon out there. So I was thrilled when one of our favorite baby brand’s Munchkin wanted to partner to capture a snapshot of our latest adventure. Already a loyal user of their flip straw cups, the kiddies {and myself} quickly fell in love with their apple shaped platesjuice box holders, and endless other goodies that were perfect to take on the go.

    Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess24Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess22Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess20

    To prep for our picnic I quickly got busy in the kitchen. Always looking to make a healthy spread for my kids, I decided to make whole wheat organic grilled cheese sandwiches. No crust, no problem. I love to use my cookie cutters as a guide to cut their little sandwiches into hearts and stars! Then I love Munchkins snack catcher cups for smaller snacks rather than plastic baggies which quickly spill everywhere. I filled them with yummy snacks of cut up grapes, salt-free pretzels, and raisins.

    Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess17Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess15Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess4

    Then it was time to hit the green. We laid our gingham picnic blanket on a shady spot, got out our plates for our sandwiches, and we kept our waters on ice in a large ice bucket. I also threw in a few peaches because I always like for my kids to try new things {Brooks who just turned one I realized had never had a ‘whole’ peach before}. Well, after one bite he was hooked, and literally devoured the entire thing. Thankfully we were able to snatch it away before he got to the pit! Once we were done, we sat and played a game of stacking the left over plates. It is always the sweetest to watch them play together.

    Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess9Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess - Munchkin Sippy CupsPicnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess7Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess14

    It was such a sweet afternoon and I am so glad Munchkin could be a part of it. Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier, and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Munchkin.comTargetBabies’R’UsWalmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things!

    Thank you to Munchkin for sponsoring this post.

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