Pregnancy Essentials Giveaway

I am excited to co-host a “Pregnancy Essentials Giveaway” curated by Mommy and Pregnancy Gurus/Bloggers, Karen of My Chic Bump, Blakely of Eloise & Me, and Me! See all of the things we crave during Pregnancy come together in one fab list!

pregnancy giveaway

  1. A $25 gift card to Pink Blush Maternity - A one-stop-shop for comfy and stylish maternity clothes. Blakely says, “Dresses are the way to go while pregnant! With a dress you have a quick outfit & nothing to squeeze/irritate the waistband. I have been living in my long, comfy maxi dress this pregnancy.”
  2. A set of Belly Buds - As seen on Modern Family, Shark Tank, and on the celebrity bump of Kim Kardashian. Belly Buds help your little one hear and recognize important voices (daddy, grandparents,etc), music and sounds while still in the womb.  Karen says, “It’s a great way to connect and bond with your baby in a meaningful way.”
  3. 1yr subscription to Fit Pregnancy Magazine - Karen follows it for nutrition, fitness and safe exercises during pregnancy.
  4. The Baby Bundle App and a Free Consultation with Founder Dr. Jen – Baby Bundle is the first app to merge all your baby tracking essentials and photo sharing features into one app and offer advice from a renowned pediatrician! Amanda loves it for keeping track of everything for your new born. 
  5. Mustela Stretch Marks Care Oil - Amanda lathers it on to prevent stretch marks; she also love that its made from 100% natural oils!
  6. Noodle and Boo Elasticity Oil - Blakely loves this wonderful smelling oil because it eliminates the itchy belly, enhances the skins elasticity and most importantly prevents stretch marks.
  7. Bump Nest pregnancy pillow – Blakely says, “These are amazing! Truly the softest fabric you’ll ever feel. Sleeping can be a challenge while pregnant. With support in all the right places, the Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow relieves the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. They come in darling color/fabric options.”  * Bump Nest is offering our readers a discount code: enter ELOISE10 at checkout (code is valid until June 30th).
  8. A Maternity Pajama Set from Envie de Fraises - Karen says, “These extra extra soft maternity pajamas are perfect for an incredible nights sleep, a fun morning at home with the family, and stylish enough for a romantic evening at the house with your husband. A good combination of form fitting and straight cut to give your body the flattering and elegant look you want.” 

This giveaway will run from 4/21 – 4/28 and we will announce the winner on April 29th.

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Mixing Harem Pants + Baby Bumps

Making the Harem Pant Trend work during Pregnancy //

Sometimes it is so damn hard to be trendy while pregnant. My “go-to” style when slim, as can be seen in my “Dress on Trend” section, is a loose top with skinny jeans {envision the Conway Top from A.L.C. with J Brand skinnies}, but wearing too loose of a top when pregnant can just make you look huge. So buh-bye to silk flowy blouses! On the other hand, wearing a tight top with tight bottoms, I feel like I am being too risqué, not to mention way off trend {unless I am going for the Miley Cyrus look, NOT!}. So what’s a girl in my situation todo? One answer: Harem Pants. Time to loosen it up down below and tighten it up on top… taking this girl right out of her comfort zone! So how do I pull off this look and still feel great? See some tips below!

Fashionable Hostess in Old Navy Tank, Levis Denim Jacket and Zara Harem PantsPink Balenciaga // FashionableHostess.comStrolling in NYC in Harem Pants //

Tips to making this trend work…

1. Wear the pants below the bump… or sans bump, just wear them low at your hip bone.

2. Make sure they are loose! Harem pants should not be giving you any form… if they are clinging to your thighs, then they are too small. If they are giving you a camel toe, then they are too high. If they don’t look semi-like pajama pants, shop for a less tailored style!

3. Worried you just look huge? I love ones that have a gathering or cuff at the ankle; this helps to visually slim out the leg.

4. Think they are too casual and want to wear for work? A. Get ones in a print and B. Get ones that button at the clasp rather than ones with a drawstring.

5. Pair them with a fitted top. If you go loose and loose you will be beyond Man-Repeller and look overall just larger.

6. If you are uncomfortable in a tight tank, throw on a denim vest or denim jacket over top. Just make sure the vest or jacket is short {the bottom of your jacket should not reach the top of your harem pants!}.

7. Have fun with accessories! I love the pairing of my pop color Balenciaga Classic Mini City Bag, and I dressed up the look with my metallic pointy flats!

Amanda Gluck of Fashionable Hostess

Shop some of my Harem Pants Picks at AMAZING prices:

Balenciaga Pink Bag for Spring // FashionableHostess.comNYC Spring ready in Harem Pants by Zara //

Note: This shoot took place when I was 25 weeks pregnant. Follow along with my Bump Fashion on Instagram with Hashtag #FHBUMP

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Roxy Te of ‘Society Social’ Shares Her “6 Easy Entertaining Tips”

Society Social Bar Cart & Chair // FashionableHostess.comSociety Social Bar Cart //

Roxy Te, the gorgeous Founder & Designer behind bar-cart haven and Southern prep must-shop E-Commerce site Society Social, knows entertaining. From her successful website selling one-of-a-kind furniture items to adorable hostess-friendly gifts {my favorites include the Cruiser Cocktail Napkins, the Madison Mixer Bar Cart {featured in this post}, and the Darling Set Chairs in gold}, I immediately became obsessed with her Instagram and Website’s Blog. Roxy was kind enough to share 6 of her “Easy Entertaining Tips” and they are so in line with FH readers that I was swooning and had to share! Thanks Roxy!!


Here are a few of my easy entertaining tips that will have you hosting in effortless style even if you’re short on time and/or have taken the party al fresco!

Entertaining al fresco by Society Social //

1. Don’t be afraid to take indoor furniture out for the night! Because you’ve already invested in multi-functional furniture, like one of my bar carts (duh), load that mobile beauty up with all your table setting essentials then stock it up with priorities, in my case booze, and simply roll it to the scene of the social, set the table, then style the cart. You won’t have to keep going back and forth and guests are encouraged to gather round and mingle while partaking in your party offerings. **Of course I love my bar carts the best, but if you’re going to stray, make sure to find a sturdy cart on wheels with super functional upgrades to get the most bang for your dollar. I didn’t use them below, but had I hosted a larger party the wine and glassware racks would’ve prevented frolic-interrupting trips to the kitchen. And don’t forget to bring her back in! She’s not meant to hang out for more than a few hours!

I stored and chilled the replenishments in this monogrammed ice bucket (Etsy!) on the bottom shelf of the bar cart while the smaller Palm Beach ice bucket (Society Social!) held the ready to pour supplies. This also made room for other essentials on the top, like food!!

Monogrammed Drink Bucket //

2. As a big city small space dweller, this one is always at the top of my list. When maximizing limited counter and table space, choose vertically oriented serveware and individually plate some or all of the main dishes. We had several “mains” so this was necessary to fit all the food on the table!

Along with this tip, most people think of sweet treats when it comes to vertically oriented serveware and towers, try something different like a fruit and cheese “plate” for a memorable, not to mention healthier, presentation. I love this acrylic 4 tier “wedding cupcake stand.” It comes in 5, 6, and 7 tiers, too.

Tiered Server with Cheese, Fruit and Veggies //

3. Always use name place cards, even for more casual parties. They may seem like a formal or old fashioned touch, but doesn’t it always feel special to see your name spelled out? Like the host planned the party especially with you in mind? A good hostess has this effect on their guests and a simple name place card is an easy way to achieve that.

Name Cards //

4. Reusable (and usable aka edible!) tabletop decor can be easy on the eyes and the budget. A bright tablecloth and pretty placemats that can be used from party to party (ahem, these here!) are a quick way to add color without splurging on an elaborate tablescape. Also, try something other than flowers, for your centerpiece. 2 bags of lemons set me back a couple of dollars and we ended up using them right away at the table then later for lemonade and cocktails!

IMG_1925Society Social Dinner Party //

5. Drape Turkish towels or throws over chairs for chilly nights. Spring weather can be fickle so when hosting an al fresco affair provide each guest with a turkish towel. They can wrap up in it when the festivities inevitably stretch into the evening (they did!) and they’ll be warm from the towel as well as the thoughtful touch! These towels are actually quite handy to have around as they also make the perfect beach or picnic blanket, bath sheet, sarong, tablecloth, and scarf.

Society Social Dinner Party //

6. Just because you throw a last minute party– sometimes the best parties are the less orchestrated ones– doesn’t mean you have to trade the invite for an email or text. Order digital invites online that you can quickly print at home. This Etsy shop customized their “ombre watercolor bachelorette invite” to my spring social and they also sent my printable proof in less than 24 hours.

We had such a lovely evening! I hope you’re inspired to host a changing of the seasons social on your own because after all, spring is here! Cin cin y’all!

Written by Roxy Te of Society Social. Photography by Lawrence Te

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