Update your Home for Fall

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Back in Spring when I gave my first living room tour, my room had a few bright accent items – from my flowers to my couch pillows. But now that Fall has rolled around I made a few adjustments to make my home seasonally ready. My goal: To swap the brights for neutrals so it would still feel airy and bright when guests walked in, but have an overall warmer Fall-feel.

What did I do to make this happen? First I started by swapping my bright couch pillows for neutral couch pillows {one of my favorites here}. Next, on my coffee table I removed my Julia Knight silver tray and replaced it with a dark wooden tray. On top I stuck with white flowers rather than bright pinks. I also added some accessories like my Verlaine Candle {I love the lid!} and a magnifying glass. On my TV stand, I took my Alessi fruit holder and swapped fresh apples for woven balls in a range of brown and olive tones which I picked up at Marshalls. The finishing touch was filling a wicker basket full of comfy throw blankets for chilly nights! The end result… mission accomplished!


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Newborn Baby Essentials List

Newborn Essentials (1)

When it comes to your first pregnancy, the process of preparing for your baby can be so overwhelming! There are endless books and registry lists, not to mention the never ending hours of unsolicited advice! So with Brooks now turning three months and this all being very fresh in my mind, I wanted to share my Top 6 List that I would recommend to any mom either as an addition or adjustment. I made my newborn baby essentials list quick and I made my reasoning real. I have tested and used these products and swear by them. So if you are registering for your baby, I hope I can make your decisions slightly less stressful!

6 Newborn Baby Essentials:

  1. My choice for a car seat was the Chicco Key Fit 30. Why? a. Because it can carry a baby up to 30 lbs {my daughter used it until she was about one – not because she weighed too much but because she got too tall}. ie. A year is a good length of time in car seat talk. b. It’s incredibly easy to buckle into a car – you just put a seat belt through two hooks – no base is necessary. c. It is great quality – we are using it again for our second baby and after a quick wash it looked good as new!
  2. My choice for a diaper pail was the Ubbi Diaper Pail. Why? a. Because it looks sleek. b. It works with standard trash bags – which sounds unimportant but in the scheme of convenience and cost is actually incredibly helpful!
  3. My choice for a Baby Swing was the 4Moms Mamma Roo. Why? Read this Fashionable Hostess Post – enough said!
  4. My choice for a swaddle blanket was the Preggie Baby Miracle Blanket. Why? From the time Brooks was 2 weeks old he twitched so often during naps that he would quickly wiggle loose from his swaddles, causing him to be woken up. After trying the Miracle Blanket I realized he could stretch and twitch without coming undone – this equated to longer and better naps - as any new mom comes to learn – this is priceless!
  5. My choice for a diaper bag was the Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag. Why? a. It’s well-priced. b. It hooks on to your stroller. c. It has about 100 pockets / zippers – incredibly important when you need to shove things in at the park. d. It’s so light which is great for when you need to carry it with you when you leave the stroller behind!
  6. My choice for bottles were the Born Free Bottles. Why? a. As my lactation consultant said – she was shocked at how natural the size 1 nipples seemed. She reassured me that my baby would have no problem adjusting to a bottle with these. b. She was right! Both of my kids immediately took to a bottle in between nursing with no problem! c. They are great quality – 19 months later I am still using the same package I bought when Reese was born!


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Kale and Tomato Pizzettes

Kale, Tomato, and Cheese Bite Sized AppetizersFH-26-3503785268-O

I love finding healthy appetizers to serve at my dinner parties that guests can indulge in completely guilt-free prior to moving on to dinner. So when Nutritonist Arielle Haspel of Be Well with Arielle whipped up her famous Kale Caprese Pizzettes for guests to enjoy at the Summer Cooking 101 Event, I took a mental note for future parties.

Essentially this appetizer is a crunchy brown rice tortilla chip topped with a salad – hello healthy!! Plus I love the added perk that you now have an appetizer which also enables you to skip the salad course! She made her pizzettes with kale, tomatoes, and mozzarella, but you can add or substitute your choice of veggies from peppers to mushrooms and swap cheeses to goat or parmigiana!

Thanks Arielle for the delicious appetizer idea!


  • Kale, diced or ripped up into little pieces
  • Cherry tomatoes (yellow and red), diced
  • Mozzarella, diced
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt
  • Brown rice or sprouted grain tortillas

Head over to her site for the directions… BeWellwithArielle.com {link here}.

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