1. Wedding Registry Checklist: Glassware

    FH Decor Idea: Glassware ChecklistFH Decor Idea: Glassware Checklist

    I put together a complete list of all of the glassware you may need for everyday to entertaining… I recommend buying at LEAST a set of 6 for each. Personally, I usually buy sets of 8 to 12 because it’s nice to have all matching stemware when you have bigger parties. Also, you never know when one may break and I have found it’s so much easier to just splurge the first go around then to be hiking through Crate & Barrel trying to find the matching style!

    1. Classic Wine Glasses [Crate & Barrel Gus Wine Glasses]
    2. Old Fashioned or Lowball Glasses – For your husband’s guys nights of Whiskey
    3. Elegant Champagne Flutes – Check out THIS FH article for these gorgeous Juliska ones [Juliska Amalia Flutes]
    4. Funky Champagne Flutes – Since I love Champagne I have 2 sets of flutes – one for a sophisticated soirees and another for a modern swanky vibe [Crate & Barrel Paloma Sparkling Wine Flutes]
    5. Fancy Water Glasses – I love these glasses for my dinner parties. See THIS FH article for how stunning they looked on my dinner table [Villeroy & Boch Boston Goblet]
    6. Everyday Water Glasses (Not featured: I have a set of matching glasses in lowball for a quick sip as well)
    7. Beer Glasses – I prefer these nice glasses to a million beer bottles littering the countertops of my home during cocktail parties [Crate & Barrel Portland 22oz Beer Glass]
  2. Host a Hanukkah Dinner Party

    Set the Table: Channukah Dinner

    Happy Hanukkah FH Readers!! Oh I love the holidays… it brings together family and friends, there are endless holiday cookies and treats to look forward to, and the twinkling lights and holiday music that fills the stores always gets a smile on my face. This holiday season, the FHH and I decided to incorporate some Hanukkah holiday cheer into our own home with some easy Holiday DIY decorations. The FHH put up white twinkle lights on our balcony, I placed bowls of Hanukkah Holiday candy {aka. gelt} in our entry way and on our coffee table, and I hosted a Hanukkah Holiday dinner for my sisters and best friend. Planning to host a little something in honor of the holiday at your home? No problem.

    All you need is:

    Set the Table: Channukah DinnerSet the Table: Channukah DinnerSet the Table: Channukah Dinner

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