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Packing Essentials

Packing Essentials - FashionableHostess.com Packing Essentials - FashionableHostess.com Packing Essentials - FashionableHostess.com Packing Essentials - FashionableHostess.com Packing Essentials - FashionableHostess.com

Travel Friendly:

  • A Carry-all Bag that is Nylon (Water Resistant), HUGE, light-weight (essential when you plan to carry it on your shoulder), and doubles as a beach bag… sounds too good to be true! Well, my Hayden Reis Large Pink & Green Stripe Tote does it all! [**See below for a chance to win one for yourself!]
  • Luggage Tags are a must because nothing is worse than losing a bag at the airport. So why not label your belongings with the cutest tags around! Boulevard Bags sells these adorable ones for only $18.00. They have tons of cute colors to choose from, and then you can be creative with your monogram from your initials to your sorority! And get this… they are doing a promotion for FH readers… Use the code ”FH5AMELIA” at checkout and you get a FREE MONOGRAM!! (Now through 5.31.13) Shop the Amelia Luggage Tag HERE
  • A Neck Pillow (mine is by Cloudz) and an Eye Cover are amazing for mid-flight naps. Especially if you are a mom, you want to grab any ZZZ’s anytime you can!
  • How stressful is it when you are running low on battery but you need to text your family once you arrive at your destination? I always have an external ‘no-plug-required’ iPhone Charger on hand:

Beauty Must’s:

  • My face always feels grimy when I arrive at my destination, so I find sometimes it’s easier to pop in the bathroom, wipe my face down with one of my Alba Botanica Good & Clean Dual Textured Exfoliating Towelettes (which smell like yummy grape fruit) and then quickly apply some bronzer and masacra before greeting the city.
  • Flying makes my face, hands, cuticles, you name it, dry and scaly. Thankfully Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is safe on any area (and won’t cause you to break out!) so it is the perfect all-in-one moisturizer.
  • Wake up from a mid-plane nap and have nasty breath? Rather than popping gum, I reach for my Everyday GLO Teeth Whitening Maintenance Pen. It is a quick brush, whitens your teeth, and gives you minty fresh breath.
  • Lifting your carry-on into the over-head compartment can leave you sweating. Make sure to have your Mini Dove deodorant on hand for a quick refrehser.
  • And of course you need a cute bag to keep your products organized! I got this Floral Cosmetic Bag from H&M for only $7.99.

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