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Summertime tables call for pops of color, so I was inspired by recent guest post, Roxy Te of Society Social, who used lemons as a bright pop of yellow. I decided to replicate her idea today because it doesn’t get much simpler than buying a bag of lemons at the grocery, and voila you are set with a centerpiece! Lemons are fabulous because they are so vibrant and bright, but I love how practical they are as well. They can be sliced up as garnish for your bar, they of course work as a delicious marinade on your food, and who doesn’t love fresh lemon water on a hot humid day?

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For today’s I used the following to assemble:

C Wonder Plates and Dinner Napkins, Chilewich Placemats

Rather than serving my specialty summer drink at the bar {find some yummy cocktail recipes here}, I brought my display to the head of my table so they would be at an arms reach.

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To create this mini drink station, I laid out an extra Chilewich Lattice Rectangular Placemat at the head of the table and then did an overlay of a Chilewich Dahlia Pressed Vinyl Round Placemat. On top of this place setting I arranged a glass water pitcher, 4 Juliska Amalia Balloon Wine Glasses, striped cocktail napkins, and fresh sliced lemon on a Michael Aram Champa Leaf Cracker Plate. This is perfect for serving fresh lemonade or a delicious Vodka Thyme Lemonade Cocktail!


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