1. Spring Tabletop Inspiration

    Spring Entertaining Inspiration by Fashionable Hostess 5

    Happy First Official Day of Spring! Today I wanted to put together a recap of my favorite FH tables from last Spring because I always use my old tablescapes to influence future ones! Hope these bright and cheery table settings get you thinking in color!

    Starting with colorful printed placemats… I loved this Champagne and Peonies party … mostly for the Sugarfina candy and Rosé Veuve Clicquot, but equally as much for the pink napkin rings and striped straws.

    Spring Entertaining Inspiration by Fashionable Hostess 6Spring Entertaining Inspiration by Fashionable Hostess 4

    On to the blues… I love blue placemats matched back to simple white summer flowers like daisies {which I put together for this FH post}, and how cute are the glass bottles for serving summer drinks? Then on my Instagram I styled a simple dinner with blue hydrangeas as my centerpiece. A fabulous vase filled with colorful flowers is all you need to take your table from winter to spring! And then a must for you Spring shopping list, these Juliska Bamboo Napkin Rings.

    Spring Entertaining Inspiration by Fashionable Hostess 7Spring Entertaining Inspiration by Fashionable Hostess 1

    Can you believe the inspiration for this next table came from a pitcher of pink lemonade? I was loving the way the pink popped and needed to build a table around it! I added striped napkins and a large orchid to host a “girls only” party. Sometimes a themed drink is all you need to set the tone.

    Spring Entertaining Inspiration by Fashionable Hostess 3Spring Entertaining Inspiration by Fashionable Hostess 2

    So the bottom line… bright colors are essential, bright drinks served with striped straws are always a hit, and bright flowers complete the look! Looking forward to many more bright and cheery tabletops this coming year! Stay tuned in my Entertain section.

  2. Spring Polka Dots

    Fashionable Hostess Baby Spring Style.jpg2Polka dot pants for toddler from Old Navy.jpg2Reese Gluck in Old Navy for Spring Collection 2014

    My love for polka dots is quite obvious right now… It started with my roundup of favorite polka dot entertaining pieces for Spring {here} and now today has expanded to include my little fashionista’s wardrobe with these amazing Old Navy pants. Today’s outfit screams “Here I come Spring” …. well actually, “Here I come Miami” since we just booked Reese’s ticket to visit Miami for a few days to be with family. My mom is taking her without me – what a lucky gal; so we headed right to Old Navy to stock up on some bright pieces for her trip! I picked up a bunch of cute light weight tops like this purple poplin which goes perfectly with the pants, as well as this tie-waist top and these white polka dot shorts!

    Old Navy Style Toddler polka dot pants.jpg2Old Navy Polka Dot Pants for Toddler - Fashionable Hostess Blog 2Old Navy Style Toddler Spring style

    To finish off the look, I went with these amazing cowboy boots which I picked up at Old Navy last year {similar}… Mixing boots with brights is the only way to get by in NYC right now!

    When we were shooting this look we were on our way to brunch at a friend’s house so Reese was thrilled to be the one to carry the white daisies we brought as a hostess gift {I mean, they matched perfectly with her Spring vibes!}… I will not tell you what the flowers looked like by the time we arrived at the destination though!

    Old Navy Style Toddler Spring line.jpg2Old Navy Style Toddler Spring florals.jpg2

    As the weather has been getting better day by day in New York we look forward to more days spent in little tees {under a layer or two}… but for now, Reese is definitely ready to show off these bright to Miami!

  3. Avocado Toast Three Ways

    Avocado Toast for Breakfast ideasAvocado toast is seriously all the rage right now. Go into any trendy New York City restaurant and they have found a way to incorporate it into their menu, meanwhile the hashtag is exploding on Instagram. So bottom line, serve avocado toast at your next hosting venture if you want to appear in the know. Today I wanted to share three ways to serve avocado toast so no matter what time of day you are hosting, it will feel appropriate, filling, and of course be delish…

    Avocado Toast with with eggs recipe

    Brunch: Avocado Toast with a fried egg on top as a swap to your usual bagel bar. {Each of these recipes start the same way… lightly toasting whole wheat hearty toast and layering on a thick helping of avocado. Personally I like to mash my avocado in a bowl and mix in a bit of black pepper before smearing on my toast. It tastes creamy like guacamole but more importantly it’s so much less messy to eat than slices!} For this recipe, begin as I explained and then fry an egg on your stove top. Allow the egg to cool so the egg yolk is no longer runny and then slice in half before placing on top of your avocado toast.

    Avocado Toast with grilled chicken and cucumbers recipe

    Lunch: Avocado Toast with grilled chicken and sliced cucumber as a swap to wraps or deli meats. I actually created this combo on my own because plain avocado toast at lunch never truly fills me up. By adding a healthy helping of chicken and cucumber we are talking about a way more filling meal. I bought fresh organic chicken cutlets and cooked on my stove top in light olive oil and then diced them into small pieces. Next I sliced a cucumber and alternated placing the chicken and cucumber on top of my avocado toast.

    Avocado Toast with cherry tomatoes and red pepper flakes recipe

    Happy Hour: Chips and dips are out, spicy avocado toast is in! I am obsessed with this spicy mix of avocado toast topped with cherry tomatoes, red chili powder and red pepper flakes. If serving alongside a cheese plate I recommend cutting into smaller bite-sized slices.

    I would love to hear your favorite version of avocado toast! Make sure to comment in my section below!!

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