1. Moving to Nashville

    Southern Style Homes in Nashville TNSouthern Dream Home with Cherry Blossoms

    I am incredibly excited to announce that the FH Family will be moving to Nashville, TN this summer. After nearly eight years in New York City, countless fashion jobs, meeting the man of my dreams, giving birth to two children at NYU hospital, birthday parties, FH events, and much more, our love for the city could not be stronger. That being said, we would like to continue growing our family {not quite yet… mamma needs another year or so}, we would like to raise our kids in a house {with a big playroom!!}, we need more space for even bigger parties, and being near my husband’s family will be a nice perk.

    When we started our house search I couldn’t believe how each house is more gorgeous than the next. If you are visiting Nashville, I highly recommend driving Belle Meade Boulevard for some of the most incredible homes. Our home {OMG I still can’t believe I can say that!} is about 15 years old and is a classic Southern style — “classic white house with black shutters” look — which I really wanted! I love the regal look of white columns on the front porch, and then not featured in these photos is the gorgeous screened in patio in the backyard {finally, a garden party is in my future!!}, and overall just SO MUCH SPACE, which coming from New York, we totally appreciate.

    Our new Home in Nashville TNWhite House with Black Shutters

    So what’s on tap for house work? First off, our inspection came back with a laundry list of repairs, so while I wanted to renovate quite a bit, we are going to break down our renovations into two parts. The first phase of work will include:

    1. Re-doing the kitchen — replacing countertops, replacing the backsplash, painting, and potentially re-doing the floors.
    2. Re-doing the downstairs powder room — ripping down the wall paper and either re-wallpaper or painting, replacing the sink, and replacing the light fixtures.
    3. More cosmetic changes — Tearing down essentially all the wallpaper {which is in every room} and replacing with new wallpaper or paint, replacing all light fixtures, and re-carpeting all of the bedrooms.

    Phase Two may include building a new master bedroom suite downstairs {the current one is upstairs} and restructuring the upstairs to make space for more kids bedrooms. As each room is re-done I will be sharing before and afters of the process as well as a list of todo’s and shopping links to my favorite pieces. If I leave anything out be sure to ask!!

    I love all the friendships I have made along the way in NYC and I am so excited for you guys to take this journey with me to Nashville. If any of you are Nashville locals, I look forward to meeting!! {And any recommendations on great restaurants, coffee shops, workout classes, blow-out places, photographers — OMG, too much todo!!}

    Here’s to the next step!! {Oh, and below is a sweet fountain in my backyard… dying!}

    Antique Angel Fountain

  2. My Marshalls Video Debut

    Amanda Gluck of Fashionable Hostess for Marshalls Video Shoot-E (1)Remember when I was flown out to LA to shoot a video with Marshalls? {In case you missed it I captured some behind-the-scenes shots on my Instagram here and here}. Well the video I shot was “How to Throw a Cocktail Party for under $200″ which they will be debuting on their website as well as Tumblr in the coming months. Making this video was an incredible experience, from the production crew, to the set design, I cannot tell you how cool it was to see a real camera crew in action. Most impressivley though was the fact that rather than simply handing me Marshalls product to use in the video, Marshalls sent ME out to their stores equipped with gift cards so I could actually pick pieces that were featured! You may even recognize my beloved cocktail napkins and usual cheese board spreads! So, here it is… the big reveal…I hope you love it!!

    Ok so more about the experience. Myself and three other bloggers were flown to LA, specifically Santa Monica, where we stayed at the Casa del Mar Hotel for 3 nights… yes, 3 days and nights for this 30 second video… crazy! The actual shoot location was at a house Marshalls rented in the hills of Tarzana. Each room in the house was transformed by a team of design specialists to reflect each blogger’s home and style for their respective videos. The other bloggers, Liz of LizMarieBlog.com a DIY guru, was featured for “How to host a brunch for under $200″, and then the two Fashionistas, Marisela of DiverseCityStyle.com and Vittoria of Polished4Pennies.com each were featured in videos of their incredible designer Fashion finds. Check out each gal’s Marshalls video on this YouTube playlist.

    Amanda Gluck of FashionableHostess.com for Marshalls Video Shoot

    I must say seeing the finished product is beyond exciting and I am hoping todo more film in the future {maybe with a few less posed shots… haha}. I am so thankful to the Marshalls team for including me in such a fun project! Be sure to follow @marshalls and #fabfound on social media for when the videos go live on their website!

  3. Fruit-Infused Water Bar

    Create an Infused Water Bar for your Spring Party

    I noticed last summer that whenever I hosted family brunches or BBQ’s with tons of kids running around, my guests’ priority shifted away from cocktails and focused more on what their kids were getting into! After a few too many events where my bar station went untouched, I decided to start asking guests before they arrived if they planned to drink or not, and then opted whether to simply place a few bottles of Pellegrino or Lemonade in their place. This summer I wanted to come up with a fancier alternative to these pre-made drinks and I think this Fruit-Infused Water Bar hits it right on the nose.

    Prepping your Bar for SummerTime outdoor Parties

    To create this water bar is quite simple. You need three large glass pitchers, beverage dispensers, or as shown here, glass carafes from Pottery Barn {which are no longer available so I chose more options to shop at the bottom of the post}. Assign a different fruit to each pitcher {here I chose blueberry, strawberry, and pineapple}. Chop the fruit to fill the pitcher one third the way, fill with water, and chill 2-3 hours in the fridge. Once my carafes were ready to go on display, I placed them in a decorative wire basket {similar here}. *Note, if you are taking this outdoors, I recommend choosing an acrylic pitcher in lieu of glass!

    Villeroy and Boch Water Goblets on Fashionable Hostess

    To make this drink option feel a bit more elegant, I recommend using a wine glass or fancy water goblet. Here I chose my Villeroy and Boch Bernadotte Crystal glasses {which are on major sale right now!! Originally $32 and now $12.50 per glass on Villeroy-Boch.com}.

    Come party time, set your glasses out prepped with a lemon wedge on the rim. Alongside the glasses place extra sliced fruits for garnish. Here I even pre-sprinkled a few blueberries for added color!

    Pottery Barn Drink Dispensers for Summer Drinks

    I hope you and your guests enjoy this perfect summer day drink with the added perk that kids will love it too! Shop the look below.

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