Brie with Figs and Agave

Brie with Figs and Agave by

I needed to whip up a no fuss Vegetarian-friendly appetizer to serve for my last dinner party, and since I am newly obsessed with Figs, I was pumped to throw this recipe together. All this recipe requires is 3 simple ingredients… a Brie (can be round or a slice), a pack of fresh washed Figs (halved or quartered) and Agave syrup. You can slightly bake the brie prior to preparing {in this instance I didn’t have time and it was still yummy!}; preheat the oven to 350 and cook for 5-10 minutes. Make sure to take it out right before it begins to ooze, so keep an eye out! Then top the Brie with your Figs and drizzle on the Agave. Serve with a knife and spoon so guests can slice their piece and then use the spoon to pick up any Figs that may have rolled off. I made the mistake of serving my dish on my gorgeous wooden cutting board and the Agave ended up dripping everywhere, so if you don’t want too much of a mess I recommend something with an edge! Enjoy!

What you need:

Brie with Figs and Agave by FashionableHostess.comBrie with Figs and Agave by Brie with Figs and Agave by FashionableHostess.comBrie with Figs and Agave by Brie with Figs and Agave by FashionableHostess.comBrie with Figs and Agave by Brie with Figs and Agave by


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Baby Puffer Vest

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Welcome Fall, my favorite season for dressing. Why? Because I am obsessed with layering and I live for vests. I especially love puffer vests because they can work over anything and everything from workout gear to day-time chic meetings. I picked up Reese’s entire look at Old Navy {shop above!} and seriously she could not be any closer to a mini me. Matching button downs, matching puffer vests, matching black skinny jeans for heavens sakes! {Reese is wearing an Old Navy White Dot Twill Shirt, Baby Skinny Jeans, and Frost Free Puffer Vest; too cute!} I couldn’t help myself and just had to get in the pics with her. Totally #Twinning!

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Update your Home for Fall

Chateau FH - Fashionable Hostess Living RoomFashionable Hostess Living Room - Decorating for FallStyle your Coffee Table - Fashionable Hostess Living RoomCandle with LidABC Home White TV StandAlessi Bowl White modern TV Stand

Back in Spring when I gave my first living room tour, my room had a few bright accent items – from my flowers to my couch pillows. But now that Fall has rolled around I made a few adjustments to make my home seasonally ready. My goal: To swap the brights for neutrals so it would still feel airy and bright when guests walked in, but have an overall warmer Fall-feel.

What did I do to make this happen? First I started by swapping my bright couch pillows for neutral couch pillows {one of my favorites here}. Next, on my coffee table I removed my Julia Knight silver tray and replaced it with a dark wooden tray. On top I stuck with white flowers rather than bright pinks. I also added some accessories like my Verlaine Candle {I love the lid!} and a magnifying glass. On my TV stand, I took my Alessi fruit holder and swapped fresh apples for woven balls in a range of brown and olive tones which I picked up at Marshalls. The finishing touch was filling a wicker basket full of comfy throw blankets for chilly nights! The end result… mission accomplished!


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