My Baby Shower Dress

FH Baby Shower Outfit

My Baby Shower Event was a an absolute success! {Catch the full recap here.} From the adorable baby shower decorations to the fun baby shower games, it was a blast. I must say though that my baby shower dress, the Alex Dress by Alice & Trixie was the icing on the cake. While most people think the key to looking like you are having a “skinny pregnancy” is wearing black, the real key is to have things altered  properly to fit your baby bump in a slimming way. I took mine to the tailor just 2 days before the party so it would fit like a glove!

FH Baby Shower Outfit

For my accessories, I chose an Eloise Chain Wallet by Boulevard Bags {Originally $129.00, On Sale for $77.00 and FH Readers receive an ADDITIONAL 25% off with the code: FH25 at checkout!! *Through Dec. 31, 2013}.

FH Baby Shower Outfit

For shoes I chose the “Cleo” Peep Toe in Bronze by Butter Shoes. I know you may think you want flats, but trust me that even a little heel will help you feel sexier and slimmer!

FH Baby Shower Outfit

So there you have it. A fabulous flattering pregnancy look! Catch more of my maternity style here.

FH Baby Shower OutfitFH Baby Shower Outfit 

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