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Organize your Makeup

When I moved into my new apartment I faced a battle that I think most women face in any new home… lack of storage space. I mean seriously, were these bathrooms designed by men? One medicine cabinet for a couple?? I can fill a medicine cabinet with hair products alone… and then my husband needs a few shelves? Oh brother!

In my last apartment {see here} I hung {wide} mounted glasses shelves  for extra storage space for my makeup and products, but in my new apartment {pictured in this post}, I needed something much more narrow and sleek to go with the vibe of the master bath. At the Container Store I found the perfect solution - Glass Shelf Clip Kits, which are chrome-plated shelf clip brackets, a 3/8″ clear glass shelf, and come in come in two size options of 24″ x 6″ x 3″ h or 24″ x 10″ x 3″ h. This was the perfect starting point for adding extra storage. Next was onto organizing my products so I could fit as much on the shelves as possible, while being able to find everything for a quick morning beauty routine.

So what did I use…

I used Acrylic Lipstick Risers for my lipstick and lip glosses which I already owned and had used to organize my Medicine Cabinet in my last apartment {featured in this post}.

Organize your Lipstick and Lipgloss with Acrylic Lipstick Risers

Then I bought clear Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers so I could organize the remainder of my makeup. I used one drawer organizer for foundation and powders, another for bronzers and blush, and another for eyeshadows.

Chanel Bobbi Brown and Nars Makeup Organized

I placed each drawer on a separate shelf so everything was visible and easy to grab.

Organize your Makeup with Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers

For makeup brushes and mascaras, I bought tall narrow Clear Amac Boxes {removing the lid} and organized them by placing brushes in one and eye liners and mascaras in another.

Makeup Brush Holder

I used the extra space alongside my drawers for miscellaneous face washes, face cream, eye creams, and deodorant.

Bathroom Mounted Shelves

And there you have it, a bathroom fit for a queen!

Bathroom Shelves completely organized

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DIY Spice Rack

Fashionable Hostess Spice Rack

When we moved into our new apartment I realized that while my kitchen has great storage for plates and bowls, it was lacking in an easily accessible space for my cooking spices. Rather than doing the logical thing of cleaning out half the spices I don’t use and just finding space for the remaining batch, I began brainstorming for ways to keep everything I own and create a new home that fit them.

After a trip to Home Depot, I weighed in my options and I decided to purchase two floating shelves {for under $60!} that my husband could hang, and would occupy an empty corner of my kitchen. I have high hopes that a random recipe will come my way where I need ‘Cream of Tartar,’ and I will be so excited that I held on to it!

DIY Spice Rack project

So what did I do exactly to create my DIY Spice rack?

  • I picked up two corner  floating shelves at Home Depot in 17.7 in x 17.7 in . 1.75. I liked the white because my kitchen is all white, so I wanted to keep the look clean.
  • For shelf heights, I wanted to maximize the space below my floating shelves for storage on my countertop, so I placed my items on the counter, measured how how they went up, and then started my bottom shelf right above it.
  • Then I measured the highest of my spices that I planned to place on the bottom shelf {which was my large salt container} and placed my top shelf right above that. There is probably a much more mathematic way of doing this, but hey this is DIY and I had cleaning up to get to!
  • Most importantly I made sure that my top shelf wasn’t too high because there is no time to get out a step stool when cooking!

For organizing my spices, I designated the top shelf for less used spices and then the bottom shelf for more common everyday spices. For my top shelf, I used my tiered plastic spice rack  to arrange my spices {maximizing space while keeping everything viewable}. I tried to make the shelves easy to navigate by arranging spices in clusters; I placed sweet baking spices like cinnamons and sugars on the left end, while I placed spicy cooking spices like cayenne and pepper on the right end. On the bottom shelf, front and center, I made sure to put my most commonly used items like salt and pepper shakers and my coffee sweeteners.

So there you have it. Any easy inexpensive way to maximize storage space in your kitchen on a small budget! Hope this was a helpful project. {Looking to arrange your spice rack but have even more space to work with? Check out this Fashionable Hostess Article “Organize your Spice Rack”}

Shop everything you need to create your own DIY spice rack:

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Organize your Winter Accessories

Cold Weather (1)

This is the longest winter EVER! I keep praying that each morning I will wake up to a brisk sunny 50 degree day {and that’s not even THAT warm!} but instead every day is another snowy and frigid forecast in the low 30′s. I have tried the spring mentality, leaving my hats, gloves and scarves at home, telling myself it’s not that bad out, but I always end up cutting my errands short to run home and throw on more layers. I decided to finally be real with myself; give in to the cold and stay bundled. To make my cold weather accessory options seem more enticing, not to mention handy and visible, I decided to spend some time organizing my cold weather gear this weekend {which was perfect since I was in the process of moving!}.



For my hats and gloves, I decided to hold them all together in a wicker basket. I folded my hats and headbands in half and placed them all in a stack on the right side of the basket while I placed my gloves in a neat pile on the left. This is a great opportunity to locate each glove’s mate and toss singles that you have been holding onto with hopes of finding the other! I placed the basket right below my scarves so in one swoop I can grab all three items before running out the door.

011414-61-3038593181-O 011414-62-3038592246-O

In an ideal world I would recommend keeping these items in a coat closet near your jackets or somewhere by the front door. That way right when you get home you can put everything back in their respective spot rather than throwing gloves on the bed, hat over the door, and scarf on your dining room table.


Fingers crossed that warm weather fashion posts are coming soon!

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