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Bedroom: Bed Frame & Nightstand Update

Bed Bath and Beyond Mirrors, Inspire Q Esmeral Grey Linen Button Tufted Arched Bridge Upholstered Bed I must say I have been shocked by the excitement that my readers {ahem, you!} have had since my recent move to my new apartment. My Instagram has legit been blowing up with comments and feedback – from the initial pics I took asking for furniture advice to some of the final stylings where you asked where I purchased things. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support; moving is no easy task {especially with a fourteen month old and a six month baby bump}! I decided to start bringing the finished rooms to the blog so you can actually find links to everything I bought. As each room is completed I plan to share all of the fun details in my “Interiors” section {check my left side bar in my “Style your Home” category} which is filled with some of the interiors of my old apartment {still a lot of goodies!}. Inspire Q Neo White Accent Table with X Leg Nightstand, white bedside table, modern bedside table Welcome to my bedroom! In my last apartment I was working with black wooden furniture so I was INCREDIBLY excited to lighten up the look with a brand new grey bed/headboard and white end tables. Now let me say that while my bedroom in my opinion looks incredibly rich and expensive, it all came from discounted online retailers. I spent endless hours scouring Gilt Home, One Kings Lane, Joss & Main, and The Grey Linen Button Tufted Arched Bridge Upholstered Bed as well as the Inspire Q Neo White Accent Table with X Leg Nightstand bedside tables came from The bedside tables were my favorite purchase; they are so cool and sleek while they still have a nice size drawer making them practical. Inspire Q Neo White Accent Table with X Leg Nightstand, Marshalls Lamps, Crystal Vase, C Wonder Geo Plate, Waterford Swarovski Ring Stand Unfortunately you can’t tell from these photos, but I actually got a set of two bedside tables and two matching lamps for both sides of the bed. The lamps were a last minute find from Marshalls - I know shocking {and unfortunataly not available online!}! On my bedside table is a beautiful crystal vase {a wedding gift} filled with white Tulips, a Swarovski crystal encrusted Olivia Riegel picture frame, a C.Wonder Monogram Geo Plate, and a Waterford Crystal Lismore Square Ring Holder.

Styling your bed pillows The mirrors were sold individually at Bed Bath and Beyond {similar to these Threshold from Target Clover Mirrors} so I hung three across in a row above my headboard. It was a lucky coincidence that they matched absolutely flawlessly with the headboard, but at these cheap prices you could even spray paint them to whatever color you choose. Then remember my bedding from the Fashionable Hostess post where I showed you how to “style a bed”? Well, I just transferred it right over with us and it looks so fresh in my new room! Hope you enjoyed! Looking forward to sharing more from the new abode. And in the meantime, follow Hashtag “#ChateauFH” on Instagram and Twitter for daily pics!

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Passover Checklist

Passover Seder Checklist //

Passover, the Jewish Holiday celebrating the Jews’ exile from Egypt and their escape from slavery, begins the evening of Monday the 14th. While growing up I dreaded the Holiday because it meant a week without any of my usual indulgences – saying goodbye to bread, bars, cereal, pasta, and rice, I now have come to embrace it for the lovely Seder dinner as well as an added week-long cleanse from all unnecessary carbs.

This year I am celebrating the first night of Passover with my in-laws in Nashville {stay tuned for a really incredible spread on my Instagram}, but the second night I am hosting a small gathering for family at my apartment in NYC. In prepping for the dinner before I leave town, I decided to get out my essentials so I wouldn’t be panicking the day I get back. If you are also planning to host a Seder, I have put together a checklist for what you will need to be prepared to host the holiday, of course with the most stylish and modern FH-approved Seder accessories.

Michael Aram Pomegranate Seder Plate // Fashionable HostessMichael Aram Matzah Playe & Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup // Fashionable HostessClassic Haggadah for Passover // Fashionable Hostess

Passover Seder Table Checklist:

Shop these items:

Passover Checklist // Fashionable Hostess

On your actual Seder Plate you will need the following:

1. Z’roah - a shank bone 2. Beitzah - a hard boiled egg 3. Maror- bitter herbs 4. Charoset - mixture of sliced apples, walnuts and wine {I would recommend extra because it’s so yummy!} 5. Karpas - parsley {As well as a cup of Salt water.} And lastly, there are three matzahs on the table; we break the middle matzah, which becomes the Afikomen.

*Note: I got this list from the which has a lot of other helpful holiday prep tips. Still confused? Sometimes a picture of each of these items can help make it more clear/ less of a hassle in the supermarket. I found a helpful one on Wikipedia.

Crystal Candle sticks // Fashionable Hostess

Love some of the other accents on my table? I added some pops of gold and raffia for Spring via my Kelly Wearstler Signature Bronze Legs and a Lapinu Tribal Necklace from DAKORUM.

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Dining Room: Display Shelves

Glassware Storage white shelves Container Store Wendel 5-Shelf Etagere Coffee Table Books Juliska wine glasses

I would say that the most common question I get from my readers is: “You always have different glasses on your tables. Are those all yours? And where do you keep them all?”

So here it is… your much anticipated response!

While I work with many companies that loan me products for specific stories and themes, 90% of the tabletop posts I shoot for my blog are from my own glassware collection. So how and why do I have SO MUCH? Having always been obsessed with entertaining, I owned a set or two before meeting my husband {mostly inexpensive like from Pier 1} and then a cool stemless set from Urbanbelle. When I got engaged I registered for the Juliska Amalia Balloon Wine Glasses and the Juliska Amalia Champagne Flutes. Then somewhere since then I splurged on a set of modern style wine glasses from Havens Kitchen and then on an impulse I will admit to picking up some other fun sets at TJ Maxx. Long story short, I have a rather large collection. Hey some girls go crazy for shoes, I go crazy for glasses; I guess we all have our poison.

Juliska Wine Glass Havens Kitchen Wine Glass Champagne Flute Glassware Bar Cart

So now onto the question of where do I keep them? Well in my last New York City apartment I majorly scored because the owners had created a ton of built-in shelving fantastic for storage in both my living room and dining room {see my old apartment tour here}. Then I also had a bar cart for my liquor and extra decanters. Because of that, I utilized my large assortment of gorgeous glasses on display like art. In my new apartment I arrived with about 10 china boxes, realized I had no shelves, had a mini panic attack and then began shopping for a solution. While I had my eye on this Jonathan Adler Jacques Etagere bookcase, I wanted my big splurge to be on Art for my apartment {sneak peek of what I bought on my Instagram}, so I began looking for a less expensive option. Luckily, the solution lay in these Container Store Wendel 5-Shelf Etagere at only $119.00 a pop.

So then it was on to the task of decorating them. Since they are wide open for all to see, it was important to make them not just look like storage but to look like beautiful shelves in my dining room. If you are worried that yours won’t look that great because some of your glasses aren’t super fancy, then hide the less attractive {everyday} ones in your kitchen cabinets and then just use these shelves to showcase your more elegant or fun pieces; it can be anything from glasses to decanters to bowls. Then it’s time to merchandise, so get together a mix of  pretty trays, picture frames, coffee table books, and candles to really jazz up the look. Make sure that each shelf has a mix of each {try not todo a whole shelf of glass}. Then alternate the sides that you place your glassware on {ie. don’t always start with glasses on the left or right hand side}. The less symmetrical, the better! Also be weary of putting TOO much stuff! The last thing you want is for it to look crammed!

Of course we all need SOME space for practical storage {in my case it was that we haven’t gotten a new bar cart yet since I got rid of my last one, so I need a place to shove liquor and wine bottles!}. In this instance I recommend using the lowest shelves for your heaviest and messiest items since they are the least in sight. Great solutions to keeping them looking tidy is to buy canvas bins for storing small miscellaneous items or a wine rack for loose bottles of wine or liquor. And then you are all set – gorgeous storage and dining room decor all in one!

Slim Aarons Books, Jonathan Adler match strike, C Wonder Candle, Hors D'ouerves Book


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