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Summer Nail Trends

Essie Nail Polish Summer Collection

Hoping to be on-point when it comes to the hottest summer beauty trends? Debuting those toes in a pair of cute summer sandals and a bright pedi is just what the doctor ordered. When it comes to choosing the right shade, I am absolutely swooning over Essie’s newest summer colors – a mix of neons, from peachy pink to bright electric blue. While I have a hard time veering from my conservative color of Ballet Slippers {a pale white-ish pink} on my fingers, I love using my toes for a pop of fun! My favorites… first, Serial Shopper {a peachy pink}, followed by Too Taboo {Purple-ish Pink}, Vices Versa {Nickelodeon-style Slime Green}, I’m addicted {Turquoise Blue}, and Chills & Thrills {Lavender Purple}. I must say whether they look good on my toes or not, they do merchandise back to my apartment quite adorably!

Newest Essie Colors 2014essie summer colors


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Wedding Week Beauty Prep

Wedding Week Beauty Products Collage

The week of your wedding is chaotic with last minute details – finalizing flowers, assembling hotel gift bags, maybe even final dress alterations! Between that, maintaining your gym routine, and welcoming in-laws, it may be tough to squeeze in any last minute spa appointments like that spray tan or facial you need. Because time is a precious commodity and you want to keep your sanity in check, I recommend buying these 8 Beauty Products for an at-home beautification week that will leave you glowing for the big day (not to mention be a great money saving alternative!).

Now here is my ‘Recommended Agenda’ for your Wedding Week that will leave you a glowing bride {or bridesmaid} in more ways than one!

Wedding Week Preparation:

Monday : Post-Evening Shower apply Tanning Towel. Allow 5-10 minutes to dry before getting dressed {Tan Towel Full Body Classic Self Tanning Towelettes}. Follow this with a heavy moisturizer {Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalizing Body Gel}.

Tuesday : Before bed apply an over-night Hydrating Face Mask {BOSCIA Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask} – I recommend sleeping in it to get the full effect! Apply Teeth Whitening strips before bed as well; remove as directed prior to hitting the sack {Crest 3D Professional Effects Whitening Strips}.

Wednesday : After showering and washing your hair as usual, apply a Hair Mask and allow to sit in damp hair for a minimum one hour {Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe Beautifying Oil Masque}. Another hydrating Face Mask is in order {BOSCIA Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask} while simultaneously applying an Eye Mask {Clarins Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask}. Bye Bye tired Skin and Eyes!

Thursday : If your teeth weren’t too sensitive after the last round, apply another Teeth Whitening Strip this evening. This will leave you with pearly whites for the weekend {Crest 3D Professional Effects Whitening Strips}. Also if you really want that bronzed look, a second tanning application takes place tonight. Make sure to pay VERY CLOSE attention to even-ness and wash your hands well post-application {Tan Towel Tanning Towelettes}! Again, to really keep your skin soaking up this glow, I love a thick Moisturizer Gel post towelette {Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalizing Body Gel}.

Friday Rehearsal Dinner : The weekend has begun and it’s time to shine! Right after your shower but before you begin makeup application, it’s time for one last brightening mask and a great de-puff eye cream! Face Mask {BLISS Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask} followed by a rinse, moisturizer, and fab Eye Cream {Origins GinZing} prior to your Primer.

Saturday Wedding Day : Your big day is here!! Drank more than you hoped you would at the Rehearsal dinner? Make time for another Eye Mask {Clarins Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask} and drink LOTS of water. Ready to rock? Repeat Friday’s pre-rehearsal dinner regimen: Face Mask {BLISS Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask} and after rinsing, apply de-puff Eye Cream {Origins GinZing}. Want your arms or legs to glow? Apply Moisturizer Gel {Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalizing Body Gel} before putting on your gown.

Head to my Wedding Section for more Inspirations & Prep Ideas!


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Summer Sun Protection Beauty

summer beauty essentials for beach2summer beauty essentials for beach3

I just got back from the most magical trip to Turks and Caicos. My husband and I really don’t take trips just the two of us; we both come from such big families that during our dating and engaged years we would travel with them, and then since I got pregnant so fast after our wedding, we never got to take a Honeymoon. So, this trip was a ‘babymoon’ and ‘honeymoon’ all crammed into one. It was a four day, 3 night get-away to the Gansevoort Turks + Caicos, where we slept 10 hours a night, worked out {I even did Exhale Spa Core Fusion classes!}, tanned all day pool-side or on the beach, and ate meals of endless seafood.

Since we spent ALL DAY in the sun, I wanted to maintain a good balance of soaking up vitamin D while staying protected. Since my hair is blonde, I am EXTRA crazy about it getting too much sun because 1. it gets dried out and damaged and 2. it oxidizes, messing up my highlights! So I was sure to pack the best Sun Protection Products as well as Post-Sun Care Products.

Whether you are prepping for summer sunshine or have a vacation planned, this list will keep your hair and skin looking fab all summer long!

summer beauty essentials for beach4summer beauty essentials for beach5

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