1. Fall Adventures

    Reese wearing Old Navy Toddler for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostess7 copy.jpg11 Reese in Old Navy September 2015Reese wearing Old Navy Toddler for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostess9Reese wearing Old Navy Toddler Denim Jacket for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostess

    To mark the first day of Fall, the kids and I headed to the grocery to pick up an array of pumpkins, squash and gourds to decorate the house {and the kids couldn’t be have been more thrilled!}. Once we got home we spent all afternoon finding little nooks to place them, starting with our front steps, moving all of the way to this corner of our back gate. The weather was so nice that it was hard to convince the kids to finally head in for dinner!

    Reese wearing Old Navy Toddler for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostessReese wearing Old Navy Toddler for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostess6Reese wearing Old Navy Toddler for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostess3Reese wearing Old Navy Toddler for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostess2

    Thanks to the recent shift in weather, I went on a bit of a shopping spree on Old Navy Online for a wardrobe update. With chilly Fall mornings {that quickly become warm afternoons}, we had to pack up Reese’s sundresses in lieu of a rotation of leggings {I am in love with these military-esque Skinny Ponte-Knit Pants} paired with a lightweight blouses {today this one}, boots, and a denim jacket. Don’t laugh but the boots have become an obsession of Reese’s ever since I took out my pair! The ones she is wearing in this post are ones we bought at Old Navy last season, but we also just bought these.

    Reese wearing Old Navy Toddler for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostess11Reese wearing Old Navy Toddler for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostess 10Reese wearing Old Navy Toddler for Fall Outfit @oldnavy on FashionableHostess4

    Looking forward to sharing all of our pumpkin decor with you!

    Shop our Fall favorites:

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  2. Dessert Table for Baby’s 1st Birthday

    The Perfect Dessert Table with MINTED and Fashionable HostessCupcake and Treats by Minted on Fashionable Hostess2Treats and ForksDessert and Candy Bar by Fashionable Hostess copy

    Recently a girlfriend of mine came to me and asked for helping planning her son’s first birthday party. I have always admired the long dessert buffet tables I have seen on Pinterest, so when I brought up the concept to her, she couldn’t wait to get started on the idea. We decided the easiest way to go about planning would be to find a package of party supplies rather than a few things here and there. We fell in love with this adorable “Let’s get this Party Started” set on Minted {the beloved stationary website!} which had everything from banners, centerpieces, table signs and more. Then after browsing the site we learned they had the big display items like cake stands and apothecary jars – it was the perfect one stop shop! Now that we had our color palette we were ready to start working out the details.

    Birthday Dessert Table Ideas in Blue on FashionableHostess.comPopcorn with Blue Sprinkles and Candies on FashionableHostess.com

    We started by laying down a Snow Dot Gold and White Table Runner across our table {love that it is paper – who wants to worry about mess with the kids!}. Next we placed our big centerpieces, a large trophy apothecary vase, a bubble apothecary vase, and a large white cake stand down the center. We wanted the whole theme to stick with this soft sea of baby blues so it was time to be on the hunt for pretty blue treats.

    A lover of Sugarfina candy, a gourmet candy company based out of Beverly Hills, I custom ordered Princess Pearls in blue and white, Sugarfina Pearls in blue and white, and Chocolate Sparkles in blue {they can custom create anything here and it’s the classy candy with a beautiful shimmer – not like the ones you find at the grocery}. We filled the apothecary vases to the tip top and then placed little party cups from Marshalls right in front for serving. Then if you remember back to Holiday time, I did a popcorn bar on the blog, which was such a hit, so I thought that would be cute todo again, mixing pretty white popcorn with the Sugarfina candies and blue sprinkles. We pre-made the mixes in Always Lou Popcorn Boxes and held steady in a white tray. On the white cake stand we bought mini cupcakes {I always recommend mini’s at kids birthday parties!!} from Gigi’s Cupcakes in Nashville and placed wooden utensils and the Minted “Treats” sign right alongside the section.

    Minted Birthday Supplies on Fashionable Hostess2Sugarfina Gourmet Candy for Birthday Party on FashionableHostess.comSugarfina Blue Candy

    The Minted set came with a “Sips” label, so we decided to serve glasses of fresh squeezed lemonade topped off with fun party straws, the perfect summer time party drink. The cutest final touch was that the Minted set came with a set of DIY party crowns {in a mix of colors and prints!}. We assembled a few of the blue ones for added decor on the table, but then left a bunch of the colorful ones out for the kids to do on their own come party time!

    Lemonade StationMinted Crowns for Boy Birthday on FashionableHostess.comMinted birthday party suppliesFresh Lemonade with blue and white striped strawsBirthday Dessert Table for Baby Boy on FashionableHostess.com

    The table came out absolutely perfect and we couldn’t be more excited to enjoy it with Baby Will on his big day!  Planning a kid’s birthday party? Minted is a design marketplace connecting you with the world’s best artists to create something one of a kind. They have new Kids Birthday Party Invitations and amazing Kid’s Birthday Party Decor for boys and girls! {From 9/3-9/8 Minted is offering 15% off baby+kids orders with Promo Code: LABORDAY15}

    Thank you Minted for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Minted, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

  3. Host the Perfect Backyard Picnic

    Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess3Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess10Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess5

    Now that we have a backyard there’s nothing my kids love more than spending time out back in the sunshine. Whether it’s playing with bubbles, chasing each other for a game of tag, or our latest favorite, enjoying a lunch picnic, we are always finding ways to spend the afternoon out there. So I was thrilled when one of our favorite baby brand’s Munchkin wanted to partner to capture a snapshot of our latest adventure. Already a loyal user of their flip straw cups, the kiddies {and myself} quickly fell in love with their apple shaped platesjuice box holders, and endless other goodies that were perfect to take on the go.

    Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess24Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess22Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess20

    To prep for our picnic I quickly got busy in the kitchen. Always looking to make a healthy spread for my kids, I decided to make whole wheat organic grilled cheese sandwiches. No crust, no problem. I love to use my cookie cutters as a guide to cut their little sandwiches into hearts and stars! Then I love Munchkins snack catcher cups for smaller snacks rather than plastic baggies which quickly spill everywhere. I filled them with yummy snacks of cut up grapes, salt-free pretzels, and raisins.

    Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess17Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess15Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess4

    Then it was time to hit the green. We laid our gingham picnic blanket on a shady spot, got out our plates for our sandwiches, and we kept our waters on ice in a large ice bucket. I also threw in a few peaches because I always like for my kids to try new things {Brooks who just turned one I realized had never had a ‘whole’ peach before}. Well, after one bite he was hooked, and literally devoured the entire thing. Thankfully we were able to snatch it away before he got to the pit! Once we were done, we sat and played a game of stacking the left over plates. It is always the sweetest to watch them play together.

    Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess9Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess - Munchkin Sippy CupsPicnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess7Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess14

    It was such a sweet afternoon and I am so glad Munchkin could be a part of it. Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier, and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Munchkin.comTargetBabies’R’UsWalmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things!

    Thank you to Munchkin for sponsoring this post.

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