1. Flatiron District Stroll with the Quinny Yezz


    For today’s post I teamed up with the stroller company Quinny to test drive Brooks in their new ultra-lightweight travel stroller, the Quinny Yezz, for a tour of the Flatiron District. We made sure to hit up all of my favorite spots, which was perfect timing because we shot this the week before we left New York for our big move. So what was on the agenda?

    First, a stop at my favorite local coffee shop, Le Pain Quotidien where I grabbed a coffee with steamed soy milk and we shared a chia seed muffin. Because the stroller was so slim I could sit Brooks right alongside me as we enjoyed our breakfast outside.


    Next up, grocery shopping at the coolest indoor Italian Market, Eataly, where we picked up fresh produce, home-made pasta, and my favorite raw Scottish Salmon for dinner. For those of you who haven’t been, it’s one of the hottest new tourist attractions in the city, a marketplace with restaurants and groceries all-in-one. Since it has an open liquor license so you can actually sip wine while shopping {not kidding!} or you can stop for wine and cheese at one of the standing bars!


    Then before heading home for nap time and to prep for the night’s dinner party, we decided to stop for a mid-day treat {a vanilla shake} at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. In the summer time, we love to drink our shakes while throwing pennies in the fountain. The stroller is known for its ease of folding and carrying {it weighs only 11 lbs!}, so I can easily throw it over my shoulder as Brooks stands to admire the water splashing and local dogs.

    Brooks in the Quinny Yezz Brooks-32

    And that’s a wrap! Such a fun day strolling the city and seeing my favorite spots with my munchkin happily kicking the whole way. Looking forward to traveling this summer with our new ultra-lightweight addition!

    Thanks to Quinny for sponsoring this post.

  2. Flamingo Print

    Baby Gluck in Old Navy Print TankSummer time prints for toddlers

    One of our favorite parts of living in the Flatiron District in New York is our short walk to Madison Square Park. It’s our go-to for spring and summer time outings. Whether it’s playing on the playground, throwing pennies in the fountain, or having a picnic. Since Reese has gotten older she refuses to get in the stroller to go to the park, demanding to walk, and right before my eyes has become a true New Yorker. At 2 and a half she knows to stop at each cross walk and wait for the white cross walk signal to appear, she knows to be polite to people with babies or even elderly that cross our path. A lover of food, she has also made friends with every street vendor we pass – there hasn’t been a day where one of them hasn’t offered her something free of charge.

    Baby Tanks by Old NavyPink Flamingo Print Shirt from Old Navy

    This week as we near the end of our time in New York I have been walking a little bit slower on our park dates. Pointing out more squirrels, taking in the city views, and letting the kids play those extra 5 minutes before we head back for bath time. Reese of course just runs and squeals like her usual self, smiling at people, throwing crumbs for birds, and of course putting on a fashion shoot with my raybans. I must say for all the hustle and bustle of the city life, this park will always remain to me a peaceful place that is dear to my heart.

    For today’s walk Reese is wearing an Old Navy patterned jersey tank {and was thrilled to point out to everyone we saw that she had flamingo’s on her shirt!}, twill polka dot shorts, and gladiator sandals {similar}. I know we will be near parks in Nashville, but I wonder if Reese will remember the wild life we lived in the city when she grows up. I guess the good news is that we will have all these fun pictures and adorable fashion to remind her.

    Baby Raybans

    Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post.

  3. Workout Buddies


    Today’s shoot was seriously one of my favorites to date, I mean Reese the two year old yoga extraordinaire, I am dying!! Let’s rewind a second so you can see where our love for mommy-baby yoga began…

    When Reese was three months old I really wanted to make some mom friends so a girlfriend of mine told me about a “mommy-baby yoga class” at Karma Kids in Union Square. Mommy-baby yoga?! I was so intrigued even though I had never been much of a Yogi, so I headed to check it out. At the class there were a bunch of cute moms with their tiny babies all about Reese’s age… the class began and we did a series of very simple yoga moves while the babies rolled around on the ground, then it was time for the babies todo yoga… we stretched them and tickled them in every which direction. Some babies cried, some babies stopped for milk, some babies giggled and smiled. There was no judgement, no rules, just a room full of real women who loved every minute watching their baby. A group of us became friends instantly and started doing the class every week… which went on about 6 months. It was a blast, but more special was watching how every child grew each week and learned new tricks. We could ask each other about sleep training or teething and could complain about whatever normal parenting woes ailed us. It was therapy on multiple levels.

    Mother'sDay-280-EReese doing baby yoga in Old Navy Atcivewear

    While we ended up moving on from Yoga class and starting a repertoire of music and ballet as Reese got older, yoga left a soft spot in my heart and oddly enough stuck with Reese as well. When toys no longer seemed fun, we would pull out our yoga mats into the middle of our living room and do poses or make up our own class.

    When Old Navy recently came out with baby activewear and Reese could match her mamma in our workout gear for our at-home-sessions I was all together too thrilled. I mean her leggings – just stop it!! Reese loved it as well. When I would say “Reese let’s go do yoga” she would immediately run to her room to get out her Old Navy yoga outfit so we could match!

    Mother'sDay-264-EReese and Mommy side by Side2

    I am so happy that she views this exercise {and mommy time} as one of the highlights in her day because it sure is in mine. When my husband asked me what I want todo on Mother’s Day, a family session of yoga was put at the top of our todo list. Perfectly enough we will both be picture-ready in our trendy workout gear! Old Navy loved our Mother’s Day agenda so much, they decided to share it on their site!! Check us out here.

    What are we wearing? I am in this Old Navy tank and these leggings and Reese is in this Old Navy tank and these leggings. Wishing all of you a zen-filled Happy Mother’s Day!!


    Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post.

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