1. FHB Style: Chilly Days

    Reese in Old Navy November styleReese in Old Navy #oldnavystyleThis Holiday season we are doing quite a bit of traveling starting with a week in Nashville to celebrate Thanksgiving. Because we only visit every few months, my mother-in-law always schedules a jam-packed week of visiting with every friend or relative in the city so she can show off the little ones. Knowing this is the agenda, I always want to make sure the babes look dolled up each day of the trip. In preparation, I picked up a couple of adorable Fall baby essentials to pack, like this Old Navy Tunic Sweater and Sherling Vest {other cute baby vest options since this one isn’t sold online are here and here}. Then for travel I always load up on Old Navy jersey leggings because they are so cozy and comfortable. And since they are solid they match back to any of her outfits! Stay in touch with our Nashville adventures and outfits on my instagram, Hope you and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Baby Sherling VestOld Navy sherlingFall Style in Old Navy

  2. Baby Essentials: Munchkin Brand

    Munchkin Brand 360 cupbaby gluck with munchkin brand 360 cup

    I always get asked by readers what my baby essentials are, so today I wanted to recap a few pieces that are absolute staples to the FH Family as of late. Starting with Reese who is now just shy of twenty two months… Reese loves to say “Reese do it” ie. she wants to be Miss Independent and do everything like mommy and daddy. It all started when she kept asking me for a drink of my water. Terrified because my drink was in a large glass, I didn’t want her to break the glass not to mention drench herself in the process. One of my girlfriends told me about the Miracle 360 cup by Munchkin which is the perfect ‘transition’ cup for these little guys. It looks like a cup to them but is spill-proof for us. Most importantly it lets her feel independent while simultaneously learning how to use it properly. Moms exiting bottles / sippy cup phase and entering cups phase, this is a must.

    Now on to the really glamorous… the potty! We are not ready to truly potty train Reese yet, but we decided it was time to buy one and just place it alongside ours so if she gets the inkling to test it out, she can {not to mention for when it is ‘time’ it won’t feel so forced}. We have yet to see real progress since it arrived a week ago, but I am looking forward to the end result! The Arm & Hammer Natural Fit Potty we got has the added perk of coming with the odor-eliminating power of baking soda, keeping it smelling fresh… gosh how I am counting down the minutes until I can toss my diaper pail. Moms out there with potty-training advice, I am all ears!!

    Munchkin Brand Latch Bottle and Bottle Brush Munchkin Brand Latch Bottle

    Now on to Baby Brooks who is five and a half months, seriously I cannot believe it! He is rolling and smiling and laughing up a storm. But of course, his favorite thing of all is eating. He now actually reacts {kicking his legs excitedly} when he sees me preparing his LATCH Bottle – it’s incredible! So while he loves to eat constantly, it means I am constantly cleaning! My go-to brush is my Munchkin Bottle Brush because its shape and layers of bristles cut cleaning time in half. Plus at the end of the brush there is a hidden compartment containing an even smaller brush for cleaning your bottle caps and nipples.

    I must say that the first three months of having two under two was tough. Neither kid could change their own diaper, get into their own bed, and both wanted {or needed} to be carried. But since passing the three month mark, each day has gotten more fun and we are just loving our family of four. You can see from our Halloween pics that we just try and laugh off the hard times and cherish the good ones. I love having baby products that I can trust with these babes and Munchkin brand products are definitely on that list!

    baby gluck munchkin brand 360 cup for transitioning to cups

    Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier, and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Munchkin.comTargetBabies’ R ’UsWalmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things!

    This post was sponsored on behalf of  Munchkin Brand. 

  3. Happy Halloween from the FH Family

    fam halloweenQ84A1683Q84A1691Q84A1694Q84A1664Q84A1700

    From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy Halloween!

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